Larry is an entrepreneur, educator, advisor, and facilitator. He helps improve the performance of companies by examining their business processes and training their personnel to meet today's performance demands.

Larry develops seminars and training programs that help profit and non-profit organizations recruit, train, and sustain thriving teams.

He has extensive experience in developing personnel to recognize their opportunities to grow personally and professionally. As a personal coach he focuses people on the skills, traits, and challenges that promote personal growth and helps them achieve their dreams.

His varied consulting and training assignments in finance, banking, manufacturing, distribution, government, health care, insurance and service industries offers an expansive business perspective. As a change specialist, he uses a team approach to evaluate, transform, and implement quality improvement processes.

He held executive leadership positions in the entrepreneurial, corporate, and nonprofit venues.

Larry earned BS and MS degrees in Business Administration with emphasis in accounting, marketing, management, and information systems.

He published SOAR Without Limits - Six-steps for Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Objectives. You can buy the book at Amazon. While you are at Amazon check out Hairy's Ultimate Adventure. You'll love the story.

This website, blogs, books, and seminars are only possible with the insight and aid from several friends and co-workers. It takes a team to “Eliminate Fear and Achieve.”

The Appalachian Team
The impetus for SOAR Without Limits came from my team at Appalachian Technical College.

The mission: To create, develop, and teach a life skills program that will result in participants becoming productive members of the workforce, and seeking added education by taking courses at the institute.

Team members:

  • Nancy Proffitt, President - the inspiration for the project.
  • Rhonda Lindsey, Project Administrator, and Instructor
  • Brandy Gephardt, - Course Designer and Instructor of the original course called “Forging Ahead”.
  • Steve and Angie Byrd-Abrams, - Students who transitioned to Program Counsellors and Instructors.
  • Caroline Laur-Long, - Coastal Training Sales Representative who helped us create a computer-based version of the course.

Each team member was dedicated to the process and aided in updating the program. All bought in to our “No Excuses” philosophy.

Today’s Team

  • Mervyn Paz, - My wife, encourager, and just a darn good friend. She edits my stream of consciousness. I depend on her insight and feedback to keep me on track.
  • Michel Piazza - my collaborator, writing partner, and website designer.
  • Tom Davies - illustrates my words.
  • Master the Possibilities - ┬áMy students and fellow leaders who help me stay the course.